Giacomo Muscat’s belief in simple yet brutal honesty with one’s self and business

Giacomo Muscat’s belief in simple yet brutal honesty with one’s self and business

Why do so many businesses stop growing, get stuck at a particular income level and ultimately lifestyle, which sadly is way below their expectations?

Why do other business owners with half the resources, experience, and same time constraints outperform the above… two or three times over?

These common questions have always piqued the curiosity of Giacomo Muscat.

Giacomo Muscat’s belief in simple yet brutal honesty with one’s self and business

Giacomo is an ACCA qualified Accountant and registered Auditor by profession, who decided to exit the accounting world after over 17 years in that industry. Initially starting from the very bottom as an accounts & customer care clerk and gradually progressing upwards to advising clients directly and managing internally.

Now the next step is putting more money in people’s pockets through Strategic Consulting, Training, and Business Improvement methods.

We tend to complicate business life and life in general. Ignoring the painfully obvious business problems that need tackling. The reasons for not taking action are ironically often not even related to business but more to ingrained beliefs, influences, or perceptions of what “others” might think. We’re only human after all.

Addressing the above, finding practical and simple ways to improve a business that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to carry out is sacred…      

 None of which would be possible without the below 3 factors:

  • Financial experience gained through accounting, auditing, meetings with hundreds of business owners, start-ups, and continual self-development has been insightful in achieving this personally, as well as for clients.
  • Co-Founding other personal businesses in health & fitness, retail and tourism, plus a couple of colossal failures on the side – resulting in direct personal experience and precious insights from the “trenches”. Being the challenges and awful headaches business owners truly face on a disruptively daily basis.

An absolute shock initially and humbling experience for Giacomo, as the dynamics quickly change when carried away from the comfort of the “consultant’s chair” of giving advice, and instead placed in the owner’s hot seat. Experiencing first-hand the suffocating stress and sacrifice, part and parcel with being self-employed that many not in that situation don’t seem to grasp, let alone appreciate.  

  • The absolute privilege of learning from many business owners and clients, many now friends who have entrusted him to their business projects and goals, shared their best ideas and deepest fears.

So, it’s no big secret, that giving back, contributing to any part of these business owners’ success in return, seeing start-ups getting their desired business results, and especially personally is the ultimate heart-warming satisfaction of coming to Full-Circle to a very alive and flowing two-sided profitable business relationship and friendship.

And to many more…