Cashflow and Business Health

As a fisherman must watch the winds blowing him further out to sea and flow of the tides, so should a business watch for any subtle shifts in its cash flow.

We can live three minutes without oxygen, three days without water, and three weeks without food. But don’t expect your business to live for more than three months without cash flow.  Sound Cashflow management is key.

Some questions you should be asking to ensure proper financial management :

  • Do I feel I’m getting the results I believe I should?
  • Based on my time devoted, am I earning the Profit I deserve?
  • Is there enough Cash flow to keep the company going and growing?
  • Where has my Cash gone? Is something wrong?


Numbers don’t lie, they tell us exactly where we are, and more importantly where we’re heading…

That’s why leaving a month to pass for a profit update on your overall performance is not advisable. Or worse, 12 months till the company’s audit is due to knowing your exact figures. In terms of business performance management, this is suicide.

With trends changing daily and disruptions constant, real-time knowledge of where we stand cashflow wise is the way ahead. We love this area, and from our experience helping in multiple industries in cashflow  management, we’ll devise the most crucial:

  • Cashflow and Profit Health Checks.
  • Specific KPIs.
  • Cash Flow Analysis.
  • Scenario Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting for the Future.
  • Credit control policies.
  • Cost and benefit analysis.
  • Advanced  Strategies and systems.
  • Real-Time Operational and Management Software Packages, such as XERO and others according to your needs.