Training & Workshops

A wise person, learns not from just the mistakes but
especially from the success of others.

We believe in the mantra, the right practice makes perfect. Life is short, let’s climb up the ladder the smart way, not the long hard way.

A widely used business management strategy of reducing the chances of falling down the ladder is learning from someone who has already acquired the skills you need, skip the pain and learn the crucial points that could save you years and thousands of Euros in lost opportunities.

For this purpose, we have seven business management courses specifically designed to put you and your business ahead by far in the least possible time.

Even better, we can assist you in getting back a substantial amount of your business management courses in Funding from the relevant government departments. Choose your pick from below:

Timid salesmen have skinny kids. In life we’re always selling, whether it’s to our partner to go to a particular restaurant, movie or whether it’s our fellow team members or clients. Your success in life depends mostly on mastering this one skill, both online and face to face. At the same time, every relationship should be a win-win scenario.

Practical, useful and profitable tips to thrive (rather than survive) during your first year in business. Delivered in a language you will not only understand but enjoy and implement.

The game plan here is financial tips for massive growth! Here we move from the basics of financial survival to obtaining funds and using finance in creating  your own little empire and legacy in Malta , or perhaps outside our borders. The whole world is our oyster.

Small changes, Massive Savings! Put more cashflow in your pocket through much less taxes and unnecessary expenses. Here we will put our experience together with the many available, yet little known tax deductions and tax credits in our legislation.

Deadly sins to avoid when starting up, that we wish we had not learned the hard way. As well as game changer lessons learnt that we learned from mentors, clients and other smart people. Sound business management must be implemented from day one.

A powerful cocktail for any start-up or business owner in the early stages with an attitude for growth and success. Through working smart and learning from others.

How many times have people put us off from doing things we loved? Well tough love, it was not their fault , but ours for being affected and influenced. Business failures OR are they Business Lessons? It’s how you frame it in your mind! Remember this:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t -you’re right.” — Henry Ford

Let us take control of ourselves, with strategies that can be used both in both our personal and business life.

Attention:This is not a think good,  feel good , and magically your desired life will effortlessly appear. We will give you all the tools to be accompanied by action and persistence on your part!

The worst thieves are those who rob us of our Time – The Maltese Philosopher Manuel Dimech.


This quote says it all. Here we delve into the techniques and strategies to be your most productive and add a few extra hours a day. Think of all the more you can do when a few hours a day are added together in a year!